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Our Fixed-Fee Settlement Agreement Service for Employers, offers for a fixed-fee of £350.00 plus VAT :-

  • An initial telephone consultation with one of our specialist employment lawyers, for up to 30 minutes.
  • A Settlement Agreement individually tailored and drafted to your specific needs.
  • Advice on the level of compensation to offer.
  • No payment required upfront. Pay when you are completely satisfied.

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For Employees

“We Guarantee you an Appointment within 1 Working Day to Advise on your Settlement Agreement “

Why you should choose P4B Law Limited to advise you.

  • We are specialist employment lawyers, not a jack of all trades.
  • We guarantee you an appointment to discuss your proposed agreement within 1 working day.
  • Using our expertise we can often achieve increased compensation for you.


A Settlement Agreement used to be called a Compromise Agreement and many employers still refer to it by this title.

It is a document which is legally binding between the employer and employee and can cover almost any kind of claim including discrimination, unfair dismissal and unpaid wages.

A Settlement Agreement is a document which sets out the compensation which will be paid to an employee in return for them signing away their employment rights.

P4B Law’s team of specialist employment lawyers is able to advise on what the Settlement Agreement means to you. We can also advise on the question of whether the amount offered is fair.

Employees quite often ask whether they should negotiate for more money.  We will advise on this as part of the Settlement Agreement discussions.

In order for a Settlement Agreement to be legally binding it needs to contain certain requirements.  We will check that the document has these necessities as part of our advice to you.

Your employer will make a payment to us directly for advising you on whether to sign the agreement and the signing of the agreement itself. You will pay us nothing, even if the agreement does not go ahead.

Sometimes employees will wish to have a reference negotiated as part of the agreement. We can liaise with your employer over this.

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